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Profile of the Antiguan racer
History of the Antiguan racer
Antigua's endangered species
What is an Antiguan racer?
It's a gentle and harmless grey-brown snake, found only in Antigua, a small Caribbean island.
What's so special about a small,
brown snake?

Good question. Antiguan racers are not as cute as pandas, as beautiful as Bengal tigers, as clever as bottle-nosed dolphins, as macho as silverback gorillas, as funny as talking parrots, or as big as African elephants. If we voted for our favourite animals to decide which ones should star in a blockbuster movie about the animal kingdom, the Antiguan racer would be lucky to get a walk-on part (it doesn't have legs, for a start!).

Before this project started, the Antiguan racer did not have a big fan club, but it deserves to be famous because it is probably...

To find out why it's so rare, see Hiss-story.


Close-up of an Antiguan racer

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