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Profile of the Antiguan racer
History of the Antiguan racer
Antigua's endangered species

The rare West Indian whistling duck nests on Antigua's offshore islands

The Antiguan ground lizard,
Ameiva griswoldi, is found
nowhere else in the world.

When the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project first started, it soon became obvious that the snake was not the only endangered species in the area.

Antigua is home to some of the world's most endangered wildlife. Like most Caribbean islands, it has lost many of its 'native' or 'indigenous' species, the things which used to live there before the first Europeans arrived and changed the balance of nature (see Paradise Lost).

Precious jewels - a glimpse of Antigua's endangered species.

What does 'endangered' mean?
Endangered does not mean 'dangerous'. The Antiguan racer is completely harmless. An endangered species is a type of living thing that is close to extinction - one step away from disappearing altogether.
The native wildlife has not completely disappeared. Many species, including the Antiguan racer, are extremely rare, but a few of them have survived, mainly on Antigua's offshore islands.
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