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Snakes are not easy to conserve, because many people dislike and even fear them. It is important to let people know that the harmless Antiguan racer is a very special snake. The project is helping to spread the word and encouraging the local people to be proud of their snake, which is found nowhere else in the world.

Hands up who likes snakes!

Like children all over the world, many young Antiguans think that all snakes are dangerous. Some believe that snakes can sting with their tongues and tails, or even strangle a human. The Environmental Awareness Group (see Heroes) is trying to change attitudes to the racer. Carole McCauley is in charge of the Antiguan Racer Education Campaign. She visits schools throughout Antigua and Barbuda, usually with a snake expert and a forest ranger. Together, they talk to schoolchildren and run workshops for teachers. They even take along a live snake!

Some school groups are lucky enough to visit Great Bird Island, where they learn more about the racer and other wildlife.
Spotlight on education 1. Carole McCauley talks about her work with tourists

Boat trip to Great Bird Island

Learning about the
island's wildlife

The steep climb to the ridge
Tourists are a real threat to wildlife, too, so Carole and her team are working with the local tour operators who take visitors out to the offshore islands (see Pass It On). They have also set up information boards at all the tour departure points.
Spotlight on education 2. Carole McCauley talks about her work with schools

The idea is to pass on information to as many people as possible, but staff don't have time to meet all the thousands of people who visit the island. Instead they have produced a leaflet and a poster about the Antiguan racer. These are handed out to schools, tour operators, tourists, picnickers and local fishing communities.

The more that everyone knows about the racer, the better its chances of survival. Are people getting the message? Find out in So Far So Good.


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