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Kevel Lindsay demonstrates how to use the equipment

Once people have begun to realise the importance of looking after a rare national treasure like the Antiguan racer, the next step is to make sure that there are enough people who know how to help protect the snake. This is an example of 'capacity building'.

Many people in the local community are becoming more interested in conservation. Some are keen to become directly involved in helping the racer, but in order to do this they need equipment and training. By pooling their resources, the project partners can benefit from the best of both worlds. The local staff and other Antiguans can provide visiting scientists with vital information and teach them more about Antigua and its wildlife. In return, the experienced scientists can train the local people in the use of specialist equipment, and pass on information about important activities such as rat and mongoose control, environmental education and biological surveys.

The project has also begun to train local and overseas tour guides. As their knowledge of Antigua's wildlife improves, they can start to pass on the conservation message to tourists and make sure that visitors to the offshore islands behave sensibly. In September 1999, the Environmental Awareness Group ran a workshop for tour operators. Over 30 people attended, including staff from Kokomo Cat Cruises, Wadadli Cats, Treasure Island Cruises, Mango Bay, Allegro Pineapple Beach and Jumby Bay Resorts, Destinations Antigua and Sunsail Antigua.


Tour operators workshop cover

Aerial photography - a snapshot of McRonnie Henry in action
Local students are being encouraged to carry out their own conservation projects, and volunteers are sometimes invited to join the project so that they can help to study wildlife, eradicate rats or pass on the conservation message to other people.

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