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Gail Thacker, the law-abiding Robin Hood of conservation

Conservation costs money. Many of the people involved in the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project work for nothing. Others work for very little. Even so, the team has to pay for travel, accommodation, field trips, equipment and other materials that are essential for training, education and scientific work. Running the project now costs about £50 000 ($80 000) a year.

The future of the project depends on sponsorship and donations. Since the work began, many generous people and organisations have helped to keep it going (see Sponsors).

But the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project is not the only good cause in the world. With every conservation project fighting for its share, raising money is a hard battle. Luckily, this particular project has a secret weapon. She is called Gail Thacker. Although she has never even seen an Antiguan racer, the snake could not survive without her help.

What does she do? She's a bit like Robin Hood, but without the bow and arrow or the criminal record. Armed with only a computer, printer and telephone, she persuades people to donate large amounts of money to conservation projects that are desperate for funds.

The project cannot rely on just one person to raise all the money it needs. All the partners help to raise funds. They produce leaflets asking for donations, hold raffles and organise fundraising events.

Everyone who visits this website can help to support the Antiguan racer project
Save the racer
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