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As well as spreading the word among the local people and tourists, it's important to tell the outside world about the project.
The best way to reach the widest number of people is through the media. Whenever the project is mentioned in magazines, books and newspapers, or featured on radio and television, this not only helps to raise the profile of Antigua's threatened wildlife, but also encourages people and organisations to sponsor the work that is being done to save it. Some of the project partners have staff who are responsible for dealing with journalists, publishers and reporters. People like Mark Day, Communications Manager at Fauna & Flora International, are responsible for passing on interesting news and stories about the Antiguan racer and making sure that the project receives plenty of publicity.

Good news - a new-born racer gets his picture in the paper

Mark Day interviews Kevel Lindsay for BBC Radio

Local reporters flock
to Great Bird

The Antiguan racer was featured in this famous conservation journal

The partners made a video documentary, 'Race Against Time', which has been shown many times on national and regional television.

The project has featured on BBC World Service, Antiguan radio and television, in national newspapers, and in the in-flight magazine of LIAT, the regional airline. In the UK, articles have appeared in The Times, Observer and Financial Times newspapers, as well as the magazine, BBC Wildlife.

In 1999, the project leader won the Iris Darnton Award for International Nature Conservation, presented by HRH Princess Anne. Conservation is not simply about winning prizes, but the award was a welcome bonus for the Antiguan racer, as well as the project team. As news of the snake spreads, more people are starting to take an interest in its future.

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