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Natural disasters
Why did the Antiguan racer almost disappear?
Species become extinct for many different reasons. Some, like the dinosaurs, die as part of a natural extinction, in this case probably a global climate change. However, humans are responsible for eradicating species at a much faster rate than at any time in the Earth's history. They are totally to blame for the disappearance of species such as the dodo, the quagga and the passenger pigeon.

The Antiguan racer, as the project team quickly discovered,
was being attacked on all sides.
The snake's problems started with the arrival of introduced species like the rat, the mongoose and the goat, brought to Antigua by humans.

Battered to death: the corpse of
an Antiguan racer, killed by
visitors to Great Bird Island

The four-legged invaders have caused havoc ever since, but not as much as the humans themselves, who have spent most of the last 500 years destroying Antigua's natural habitats.

As if that isn't enough, the racer also has to cope with natural disasters such as flooding, drought and inbreeding.

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