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Introduced Species
Natural disasters

Plants, animals and other living things that have been introduced to a place where they have not lived before are known as 'invasive species' or 'introduced species'.

Some people call them 'exotics', which makes them sound exciting and interesting to have around. In fact, they are really bad news, especially for the 'indigenous species', the native plants and animals that have always lived there.


Rats will eat anything, even cactus flowers
Invasive species upset the balance of nature. They may be bigger, stronger, faster growing or more aggressive than the native species. Like conquering aliens from a more powerful world, they spread quickly, taking over the land. The native species, unable to compete with the outsiders after living undisturbed for so long, are often driven out or killed.

No plant is safe from
a hungry goat

Introduced species are one of the biggest threats to the future of Antigua's native wildlife. The Antiguan Racer Conservation Project is restoring the natural balance of Antigua's offshore islands by removing these alien invaders (see Back To The Future). This work is helping to save many other endangered species (see Going, Going, Gone) as well as the Antiguan racer itself.

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