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Antiguan Forestry Unit
Environmental Awareness Group
Fauna & Flora International
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Island Resources Foundation
Black Hills State University
Advisors and Helpers
Most of the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project has been paid for by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Fauna & Flora International, with a great deal of support in Antigua from the Environmental Awareness Group, Island Resources Foundation and the Forestry Unit.

Black Hills State University, Columbus Zoo Conservation Fund, Cleveland Zoo and the John Ball Zoo Society have paid for research on lizards and for local training.

Other Project Funders:

  • Eastern Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness
  • Cable & Wireless (West Indies)
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • Organization of American States
  • United States Peace Corps, Eastern Caribbean
  • Lindeth Charitable Trust
  • Mitchell Charitable Trust
  • Sarnia Charitable Trust
  • Bernhardine Fund
  • Roger Vere Foundation
  • Walt Disney Conservation Foundation
  • AVID (UK) plc
  • Holohil Systems Ltd
  • Zeneca Agrochemicals plc
  • Iris Darnton Award for International Nature Conservation (Whitley Award Scheme).
  • British High Commission, Antigua & Barbuda

Other project supporters have provided in-kind donations, discounts and preferential access to services:

  • Allegro Pineapple Beach Resort
  • Caribbean Business Services and Supplies
  • HAMA Productions
  • Kokomo Cat Cruises Ltd
  • Joanne Hillhouse
  • LeeWind Paints
  • Louise Jones
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Technology
  • Treasure Island Cruises
  • Tropical Adventures/Antours
  • Wadadli Cats

Cable & Wireless, sponsors
of Antiguan racer
education campaign

AVID, one of many corporate
sponsors of the project
The Environment Science & Energy Department of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office supported the first field survey in 1995. British Airways has generously provided several return flights to the UK under the British Airways Assisting Conservation scheme and has transported essential equipment to Antigua.
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