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Antiguan Forestry Unit
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Fauna & Flora International
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Island Resources Foundation
Black Hills State University
Advisors and Helpers

Wildlife conservation is all about teamwork. A project will only succeed if people from different organisations work together as a single unit. Different partners have different strengths, such as local knowledge, international experience, or specialist expertise. By pooling their resources, they make the most of their skills and help each other. Each partner may be responsible for certain tasks, but the overall success of the project depends on how well they operate as a team.

The Antiguan Racer Conservation Project is an international partnership. It is jointly managed by six organisations with an all-star cast of talented, hard-working professionals from the West Indies, the UK and the USA.

Tougher than the Magnificent Seven, cooler than the Famous Five, let's meet the Snake-saving Six.

Featuring guest appearances by a host of other stars
(see Sponsors and Advisers & Helpers).


Team photo: the project partners on the way to work

Relaxing after a
hard day's work
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