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What is it?
The Island Resources Foundation (IRF) is a research and education organisation, based in the US Virgin Islands. It specialises in working with small tropical islands, helping to conserve their wildlife and natural beauty.

Kevel Lindsay, a leading figure in the Island Resources Foundation

How did IRF become involved with the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project?
An Antiguan conservationist, Kevel Lindsay, was seconded to IRF while working as a forester for the Ministry of Agriculture. When he met Mark Day, a scientist from Fauna & Flora International, the two men decided to search for the Antiguan racer (see Raiders of the Lost Snake). Later, after the racer was re-discovered, Kevel moved to IRF permanently and persuaded the organisation to join the fight to save the snake.

What is IRF's role in the project?
IRF has 25 years of experience in the region, working with local people to find the best solutions to conservation problems. The local knowledge of IRF staff like Kevel has been vital to the success of the Antiguan Racer Conservation project, helping the other partners to focus on the most important issues.

Why does IRF think it's important to save the Antiguan racer?
Kevel Lindsay says: 'My reasons for saving the racer are all ethical. I think that what we humans have done to the wildlife of Antigua is morally wrong. I wanted to make amends for some of that by saving this species.'
To find out more about IRF's work,
visit their website at: www.irf.org
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