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What is it?
The Antiguan Forestry Unit (AFU) is part of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Government of Antigua & Barbuda. It is responsible for the management and conservation of the nation's biodiversity, including the forests and wildlife.

Forestry Officer Adriel Thibou shows schoolchildren an Antiguan racer

McRonnie Henry,
Chief Forestry Officer

What is Forestry's role in the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project?
Forestry acts as the government representative on the project. It provides the main point of contact when the project partners need official permission from the government to do certain kinds of work. The Forestry Division has been involved right from the start as a member of the planning team and a full project partner.

How did Forestry become involved?
The Forestry Division has always worked closely with the Environmental Awareness Group. When EAG and the other partners realised that they needed to act to save the racer, they knew that Forestry would be the best department to approach about the project.

McRonnie Henry, Director of Forestry, has worked for the Forestry Division for 20 years, since joining the Ministry of Agriculture as a cadet. His local knowledge has been vital to the success of the project.

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Why does the AFU think it's important to save the Antiguan racer?
Why McRonnie thinks it's important to save the racer.
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