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What is Fauna & Flora International?
Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world's oldest international conservation body and has played a key role in establishing much of today's global conservation infrastructure. Founded in 1903, FFI is one of the few organisations whose remit is to protect the entire spectrum of endangered plant and animal species on the planet.

What does FFI Do?
FFI supports conservation initiatives throughout the world, in the form of partnerships, technical assistance, direct funding and consultancy. It works with local, national and international partners in over 60 countries.


Mark Rose, Executive Director
of FFI

Mark Day, Head of Communications at FFI, in his iguana studying days

How did FFI become involved with the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project?
It all started when Mark Day, an FFI zoologist, visited Antigua to look for iguanas. He didn't find any, but he met Kevel Lindsay, a local naturalist, who told him about the mysterious snake. They decided to look for the Antiguan racer together (see Raiders of the Lost Snake). After the rediscovery of the racer, FFI helped to set up the project.

Dr Jenny Daltry, a Conservation Biologist at FFI, has been involved from the very beginning, working as Project Manager and Scientific Co-ordinator (see Fact Finding).

Why does Dr Daltry think it's important to save the Antiguan racer?
To find out more about FFI's work,
visit their website at: www.fauna-flora .org
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