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What is the Environmental Awareness Group?

Outside EAG office,
St John's Antigua

The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) was established in 1989. It is the only non-governmental environment organisation in Antigua and has a growing list of members and supporters at home and abroad.

Why does EAG Treasurer Harold Williams think it's important to save the Antiguan racer?

Sherrod James,
Executive Director
of EAG

What does EAG do?

EAG helps local people and visitors from overseas to appreciate the importance of conserving the wildlife and natural resources of Antigua and Barbuda. It receives and gives out environmental information and works on conservation projects in partnership with the Government, the general public, private companies and overseas organisations.

Sherrod James is the new Executive Director of EAG who looks after the day to day running of the organisation. He took over from Gillian Cooper, who left EAG in 2000 after working on the Antiguan racer project for five years.

Carole McCauley, EAG
Education Officer

What is EAG's role in the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project?

Without the support of the local community and visiting tourists, the Antiguan racer and the other wildlife of the offshore islands have no future. Changing human behaviour and attitudes is one of the project's most important activities. Carole McCauley, Education Officer at EAG, is spearheading this campaign (see Spreading The Word).

Why does Carole McCauley think it's important to save the Antiguan racer?
To find out more about EAG's work,
visit their website at: http://eagantigua@cib.net
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