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What is it?
Black Hills State University (BHSU) is a small undergraduate college in South Dakota, not far from the famous Mount Rushmore. Many of its students come from the local rural area and have not travelled widely. The college aims to provide these students with international research experience.

For more information about BHSU courses,
see www.bhsu.edu

How did BHSU become involved with the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project?
The project needed the help of another herpetologist. That's someone who knows a lot about snakes and lizards. Dr Brian Smith, a lizard expert from BHSU, was trying to find an overseas research project for his students. It was a perfect match.
Why does Dr Smith think it's important to save the Antiguan racer?
What is BHSU's role in the project?

Dr Smith and his students are studying the lizards that the Antiguan racer eats. Their work is helping the project to decide which islands have enough food for a new population of snakes (see Eggs In Other Baskets).

Find out more about the work of Dr Smith and his team in Close Encounters With Lizard Counters.

Looking for lizards - Dr Brian Smith, engrossed in his work
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