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Advisors and Helpers

Aldrick Nicholas, an Antiguan fisherman and friend of the project

Ferrying the schoolchildren
to Great Bird Island

The future of the snake is in the hands of the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Without their help, the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project could never have succeeded. The Antiguans have been wonderful hosts, giving all the project staff a warm welcome and offering them accommodation, food, drinks, transport, friendship, advice and encouragement.

Here are some of the many groups that have helped: fishermen, tour operators, business owners, boaters, government workers, taxi and bus drivers, teachers, students and (last, but not least) the general public.

This project has also benefited from assistance from:

  • Antigua & Barbuda Coast Guard
  • Zeneca Agrochemicals (Syngenta) plc
  • Invasive Species Specialist Group
  • Re-introduction Specialist Group
  • The Natural History Museum, London
  • Dr Wolfgang Wüster and Prof. Roger S. Thorpe of the University of Wales, Bangor.
A number of additional people have helped with fieldwork, research, fundraising, education and transportation. In alphabetical order, these are: Mike Appleton, James Bamford, The Hon. Vere Bird Jr., Cliff Browne, John Cancalosi, Neel Chattopadhyaya, Paul Colbert, Gillian Cooper, Dr Paul Craze, Foster & Kim Derrick, Katherine Dixon, Nicole Douglas, Richard Edwards, Dr Neil Ford, Lesroy Grant, Gerard Gray, Milly Iturra, Victor Joseph, Florita Kentish, Tim Knight, Jason Kolbe, Andrea Lamboo, Tamara Lawson, Ed McCauley, Stacey McMahon, Jodi Massie, Jessica Milligan, Aldrick & Ruth Nicholas, Jane O'Brien, Danni Piccolo, Junior Prosper, Toby Ross, Luke Rostant, Amy Shadbolt, Brian Simon, Tara Spencer, David Stubbs, Sherwin "Savage" Tonge and Joel Williams.
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