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Geography of Antigua
A brief history of Antigua
Antigua's plants and animals
The offshore islands
Great Bird island
There are dozens of islands around the coast of Antigua, some no bigger than a football stadium, others the size of Disneyland. The sun-soaked beaches and coral reefs of these beautiful islands attract many visitors. As well as being popular with tourists, the offshore islands shelter many wonderful animals, plants and other living things that have disappeared from Antigua itself. (See Going, Going, Gone)
These islands offer a glimpse of what Antigua and Barbuda may have been like before large-scale development took place. They are excellent outdoor classrooms and laboratories, where students and the general public can learn about the country's hidden treasures.
Welcome to Great Bird Island. Take a look around.

The male frigatebird inflates his brightly-coloured neck pouch to attract a mate

The hawksbill turtle, another endangered reptile, lays its eggs on offshore island beaches
  Until recently, these rare creatures and plants had been left undisturbed for centuries. Now they are being driven out by a growing army of sunbathers, picnickers and hotel developers. Worse still, an invasion of rats and mongooses, spreading like a plague through the offshore islands, has been threatening to destroy them completely. (See Villains)
One of these islands is particularly special. Great Bird Island is the home of the Antiguan racer.

Great Bird Island, home of the Antiguan racer
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