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Geography of Antigua
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Disappearing World
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Great Bird island
A few centuries ago, Antigua was covered in a thick forest that teemed with wildlife. The island was alive with multicoloured parrots, tree frogs, other spectacular animals and plants, and a small harmless snake called the Antiguan racer.

The Antigua of today would be unrecognisable to anyone who lived on the island before the first European settlers arrived. Over 95% of Antigua's original forests have disappeared. First they were chopped down to make way for plantation crops, then, more recently, for other developments such as tourism. Even the valuable mangrove forests around the coast are being drained and cleared to build hotels. Worse still, there are goats everywhere. They eat every little sapling before it has chance to grow into a tree.

Many native animals that depended on the forests for food and shelter have died out or moved away. Others have been crowded out by people and invasive species (see Villains). A few still survive on Antigua's small offshore islands.

Where have all the forests gone? (left)

Antigua is covered with plantations of pineapple and other crops (above)

The last wild iguanas in Antigua died out many years ago
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