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Who created this website and why did they decide to do it?

The Wildscreen Trust
The Wildscreen Trust is responsible for organising the international wildlife film festival WILDSCREEN. It is now creating ARKive, a new digital Noah's Ark that features images and recordings of the world's endangered species, accessible to all via the Internet. Films and photographs are both powerful means of highlighting the plight of some of the world's rarest species. This project is the first stage of an exciting on-line collaboration.
For more information, see www.wildscreen.org.uk


at-Bristol is an exciting new destination, a place of discovery and surprise with three award winning visitor attractions.
Innovative, collaborative projects - such as the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project - help at-Bristol to engage a wide range of audiences in the scientific issues that we encounter every day, including those of conservation and sustainable development.
at-Bristol is home to The Wildscreen Trust and ARKive.
Visit us at www.at-bristol.org.uk


Fauna & Flora International
Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has been involved in wildlife conservation for almost a century and currently supports more than 100 projects in over 60 countries. FFI recognises that education has a key role to play in conserving threatened species and ecosystems, and believes that this venture offers an ideal opportunity to inspire a new generation of conservation-minded individuals. For more information on FFI's work, find us at www.fauna-flora.org

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